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Atlanta Women's EXPO

Creating and Keeping Good Health in Today’s Toxic World

Presented by Brenda Cobb

on SaturdayJune 3rd at 2:30PM

Diseases are on the rise even though modern medicine has more drugs and surgeries available then ever before. People have become disillusioned and are searching for true ways to heal, not just treat symptoms. Brenda Cobb, Founder of The Living Foods Institute and author of The Living Foods Lifestyle® healed herself of breast and cervical cancer in 1999 without surgery or drugs. She did it with an all-natural program supporting her body to heal itself. Learn how she used nutrition and the five key components she believes are necessary to heal and stay well for a lifetime.

Your Body Will Heal and Stay Health When You Give It What It Need, Presented by Brenda Cobb

on Sunday June 4th at 12:30PM

Don’t be a victim of poor health. Learn how to prevent any illness and stay healthy for a lifetime. You can slow the aging process so you look and feel years younger, but first you must know what your body needs. In 1999 I was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer and told I would die in six months if I did not do surgery chemo and radiation. I refused those medical treatments and in six months I was completely healed. I did it with organic raw and living foods, cleansing and emotional healing. Come learn what to do right now to stay well or to heal yourself! Brenda’s Living Foods Institute is known all over the world, She has developed programs to heal all types of diseases naturally including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, depression and more.

Emotions And How They Affect Your Health

Presented by Jane Holmes

on Sunday June 4th at 1:00PM

Emotions can affect your physical health and even hold you back from creating the life you truly desire. There is an emotional reason for the creation of every illness and when the motional self-heals the physical body instantly heals. Learn how emotional “stuff” can actually create diseases and how you can free yourself from emotional bondage and become empowered to be a better YOU! You can embrace your life with optimum health, prosperity, joy and happiness. Jane Holmes can help you see what emotions are holding you back and how to release, forgive and embrace your full potential every single day.

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Holistic Health Fair Jasper

Saturday, June 10 from 10am to 2pm

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Sunday May 21, 2017


Sunday August 6, 2017


Sunday October 29, 2017

Living Foods Institute

1700 Commerce Drive, NW, Suite 100, Atlanta, Ga 30318


Center will open at 12:00pm. Workshop will begin promptly at 1:00pm Pre-Show 12:15pm – 1:00pm Learn even more in this 45 minute pre-show

Learn incredibly delicious and easy-to-prepare organic raw and living food recipes

Make any meal an occasion to remember!

Learn Many Empowering Lessons in this Workshop…

How to reverse aging

Which superfoods help you create optimum health

How to cleanse and detoxify to stay healthy all year long

How essential oils heal the body by removing heavy metals, fungus, mold, yeast and candida

What To Do Right Now To Achieve Optimum Health!

We will be doing HEALTHSCOPE SCANS at our booth at this event. This Scan will tell you everything that is going on with your body and exactly what to do to create and maintain optimum health! Call us to Pre-Register for a Scan at 404-524-4488 and when you Pre-Register and Pre-Pay you will receive a special savings price which includes the scan report and phone consultation to read and interpret the scan for you.

For more information on the scan please go to this web link:

Includes workshop and lunch $90.00 in advance or $120.00 per Workshop


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