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The Living Foods Institute Educator Certification Program is for those who are interested in going to a higher level with Living Foods Institute to become a consultant, speaker, teacher and strategic partner with LFI to help spread the word of The Living Foods Institute’s Healthy Lifestyle Program throughout the world.  We have trained thousands of people since opening our doors in 1999. Our Programs continue to be filled and this is only the beginning.  We are expanding this teaching throughout the world and we need help to do it. 

Do you like helping others?  Our Educator Certification Program will empower you to teach and share the wonderful message of Organic, Vegan, Raw Living Foods and herbal remedies in Atlanta GA to help others reach their health goals and to slow and reverse aging. The Living Foods Institute mission is so much greater than just changing the way people eat. It is about helping each individual remember the magnificent person they are and to empower them to live fully in body, mind and spirit. It is to help free people from limited thinking and the emotional things which could be holding them back. We believe healing is possible, even from the most serious of illnesses and diseases.  All it takes is total faith, belief, and an understanding of and a willingness to do what it takes to help the body do what God created it to do - Heal Itself!

Our Educator Program will teach you how to start a business right in your own home or if you choose, you may even want to open your own center. Our Educators learn how to teach Nutrition and Organic, Vegan, Raw and Living Foods Recipes, The Nature of Disease and How to Heal, Toxicity and Deficiency and How to Cleanse the Body and Heal the Emotional Self, Essential Oils and Herbs for Healing (herbal remedies in Atlanta GA) and Removing Energy Blockages. You will also learn how to Market and Successfully Develop Your Living Foods Business.

You will learn all about the kitchen including how to properly teach the recipes and how to order for and manage a Living Foods Institute kitchen.  You’ll learn how to pull a volunteer force together, sprouting, planting wheatgrass and other soil grown greens, decorating food to make it even more appealing and so much more.

Our Educators earn referral commissions on all students they register to attend our programs and they receive discounts on products and equipment for themselves and their clients.
One of the most powerful things about our Educator Program, which is different from all other centers, is that our Educators are taught how to teach in hands-on situations working with actual students who area attending our Programs. They learn under the guidance of our Center and Kitchen Directors so that each Educator feels completely confident in their ability to help others.

If an Educator has personal health issues they would like to heal they will learn how to do this during Level 1, the first 15 Days of their training. If they have no health issues they will learn how to create optimum energy and well being and to prevent future health issues.

During Level 2, consisting of 15 days, the Educator learns how to teach all of the lessons with students attending our Programs. They learn in our hands-on kitchen how to teach nutrition and Raw and Living Food Recipes, how to operate a living foods kitchen and to teach emotional healing, herbs, detoxification and cleansing. Educators learn how to market and develop a business to make it successful for years to come. Since all of our training is hands-on, when our Educators return to their own communities they are able to help people immediately. This is the most empowering way to learn and able to share with others.

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