What Are We Really Eating?

by Brenda Cobb

With everything from hybridization to genetic engineering affecting our foods, just exactly what are we eating these days? If it isn’t processed, waxed, sprayed, chemically "enhanced", colored, preserved, cooked, canned, frozen and now even genetically altered, then we’re not eating it. What ever happened to just eating plain, raw, simple food? Now more than ever, in the quest for the quick and simple food fix, people are eating food that is processed to death and prepared by someone else. Think of the dozens of people that are touching your food and altering it in some way. From the field to the processing plant, the grocery store, to the checkout clerk, the energy of others is being passed into and stored in your food. Just what are you really eating? Think of the energy that is being transmitted from the people handling your food right into the actual food itself. When you eat these foods, you eat the energy of each person that prepared, handled, and even packaged your food. So if the guy in New Jersey that packaged those cookies hates his job, then every time you eat one of those cookies, you’re eating that hate. Energy can change the taste of food dramatically just like it can change the nutritional value.

It’s too bad that our bodies don’t come with owner’s manuals like our cars. Some people are more particular about the gas and oil they put into their cars than they are about the food and drink they put into their bodies. Considering that everything we do requires energy, and that we get our energy from air, sun, water, and food, it would stand to reason that we would want to put the best and highest caliber of these elements in our body. But that isn’t the case for many people, who would just as soon pick up something in a box, a package, a bag, or at a drive-through. We live in a world where most of us want everything at the snap of a finger. We’d rather buy a pre-packaged meal than to make our own.

Just what are we really eating? In genetic engineering the cells of animals are being used to genetically alter our vegetables to make them last longer and look prettier. Do we want produce that looks prettier or that’s better for us? Insecticides are being sprayed on fruits and vegetables to kill the pests. What are these poisons doing to the insides of our bodies? Would you buy a chemical pesticide and turn up the bottle and drink it? Well, think about it, when you eat food that has been treated with these chemicals, over time it’s just the same as if you had drunk that chemical straight. Chemical fertilizers are making our fruits bigger and bigger, but are chemical fertilizers good for us? Is it natural to put chemicals in our bodies, and to eat "unreal" food?

Just how much pure, high-octane food do you eat each day? How much real, organic, unaltered, raw food do you put in your mouth? What happened to just eating an apple, a carrot, or a cucumber? When was the last time that you ate nothing but raw food all day long? Many of us aren’t even thinking about what we’re eating. We just grab it, eat it on the go, and then have indigestion from it.

If our bodies came with owner’s manuals I believe it would say, "for fuel eat RAW ORGANIC FOOD." This is the food that the body runs best on. For many years before the discovery of fire, mankind ate everything raw. Those were the days when people lived hundreds of years without heart disease or high blood pressure, cancer, or AIDS. All of these diseases are modern day ailments that have become more and more prevalent as we have altered our diet to the sad state that it is today. That’s why we call the Standard American Diet, SAD!! It is more than just sad; it’s a crime against our bodies that we personally inflict on ourselves most everyday, every time we eat. We’re literally eating ourselves to death as we’re filling ourselves with chemicals, preservatives, colors, dyes, fertilizers, and who knows what else?

Have you taken a look at the food being served in the school lunchrooms in your community? Hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken fingers are supposedly giving our children the fuel their brains need to function. Are you surprised that our children are hyperactive and have attention deficit disorders all the while we’re feeding them sugar, white flour, and processed, denatured foods?

We’re getting little or no enzymes in our food any more because most everything is cooked. When food is cooked, the enzymes are destroyed and so is much of the nutritional value. Since every function of the body is dependent on enzymes it’s amazing that we’re able to do much of anything. When we mention enzymes many people think of taking enzyme pills. All we’re doing is using supplement enzymes to digest dead food. Life comes from living enzymes and vitamins, not something we can find in a pill, powder, or potion.

No wonder that our energy is low and our diseases are high. When did we forget to eat for the nutritional value in food? Today, we eat for every reason except the nutritional value. Is it easy? Is it quick? Does it taste good? These are the questions we ask when we make our food choices. These choices in food that we’re making are creating health problems that are with us for life. We’re all too quick to run to the health food store to buy vitamins and supplements in hope of getting the nutrients that we’re not getting in our food, but that’s not the answer. Pure, real, organic raw food has all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes our bodies need. No pill or powder can do for us what fresh, organic, raw food can do.

As men and women, mothers and fathers we must take a stand for good, pure, organic, raw food. We must feed these foods to our families and to ourselves if we want our bodies to restore health, run efficiently and stay healthy. Most of us don’t have a clue what it’s like to feel really great all the time. Eating the right foods in their natural state can help us achieve this feeling of well being.

There are so many delicious foods available to us in their natural, raw state, but many of us don't even know what a vegetable or fruit in its raw, natural state tastes like. There is no need to sacrifice our health and the health of our families by eating inferior foods. Let’s all get back to the original law of nature, RAW! Eating a raw diet will help the body to detoxify and rebuild. It will boost the immune system and nourish at a cellular level. Just remember that as you begin eating raw foods that your body will detoxify. Chemicals, drugs, additives, preservatives, and other toxins that have been stored in your body for years will come out of your cells, tissues, bones, fat, and muscle. If you’ve ever drunk caffeine and then tried to stop you may have gotten a bad headache. That’s the caffeine detoxing from your body. It doesn’t feel that great while it’s happening, but it’s important to get that stuff out of the body. The best way to help detox symptoms to go away is to clean out the colon with colonics or enemas. Don’t let these toxins stay in your body once they begin to release. It you don’t clean them out they will seep back into the body, the blood, and the internal organs and you’ll just have to detox them all over again.

Our bodies are screaming for real foods! Do something good for yourself. Take responsibility for your health by taking responsibility for what you’re putting in your mouth. Turn your health around. You can start today wherever you are just by adding more organic, raw fruits and vegetables to your diet. Make responsible choices in food. Choose organic, real food and eat it the way nature intended, RAW!

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